Orlando Car Insurance: Which Fuel is Right for You?

Orlando Car Insurance Which Fuel is Right for You?

Purchasing a vehicle can be a huge investment for many Floridians, so it’s important to make informed decisions. Many new car buyers are looking to balance affordability with sustainability, style and durability. For example, whether you looking for a luxury sedan car or a simple economic compact, fuel economy and environmental impact are probably on your list of top things to consider. But the conundrum for many consumers is what type of engine is the right choice for their driving needs and style. Like finding cheap auto insurance in Orlando FL, choosing the right vehicles takes diligence, research and investigation into your options as a consumer.

Which fuel source is right for you, and how do you choose?

If fuel economy and environmental impact are two of your top priorities, this debate can be quite a problem. Because, fuel consumption is directly linked to engine types, determining what type of fuel source you are interested in using will correspond to the type of engine you will need in a vehicle. In turn, engine type can greatly determine the types and classes of vehicles you have to pick from on the consumer market.

For Orlando drivers, choosing the type of engine you want depends largely on the type of performance you would like out of your vehicle, how much you will be driving, and in what capacity your vehicle will be used. While auto experts traditionally suggest that the rule of thumb is to choose a gasoline powered engine if you’re a low-mileage driver, hybrid vehicle for city driving, and diesel motor for high-mileage highway driving, this rule is more performance oriented and fails to account for personal taste.

ExtremeTech, a technology centered consumer resource, suggest that the mainstream gasoline engine is still the best choice for most motorists who drive less than 7500 miles a year because the amount consumers would save on fuel by purchasing a hybrid or diesel vehicle would not outweigh the cost of those vehicles. The go on to point out however, that for hybrid vehicles can actually be extremely beneficial to motorists who frequently encounter heavy traffic on their daily commute, as many Orlando resident do.

Whatever vehicle you choose, securing the right Orlando car insurance coverage will be invaluable. The Orlando car insurance experts at Newman Crane can help your secure the coverage you need at prices you can afford. To learn more about our operation and all of our personal insurance solutions, contact us today at (407) 859-3691.

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What is Orlando Vacant Property Insurance Coverage?

What is Orlando Vacant Property Insurance Coverage?It’s not uncommon for Orlando property owners to find themselves in possession of a vacant property for one reason or another. Just because your properties is uninhabited, does not mean it should be left unprotected. Whether it is a property you are trying to sell, a rental property without a current tenant or even a secondary residence for vacation get aways, unoccupied properties have unique set of property insurance needs. In fact, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) unoccupied homes and dwellings are far more vulnerable to a number of loss and liability exposures than primary residences and regularly occupied properties. Many of which are not covered under typical home insurance in Orlando Florida.

Most standard Orlando homeowner’s insurance policies are not designed to protect properties which go unoccupied for a time period longer than a month or two. By law a property can be legally considered vacant after 30 consecutive days without occupation. As such, securing the right vacant and unoccupied property insurance coverage for your holdings is vital.

It is important to note that there is a distinction between a vacant home and an unoccupied dwelling in terms of insurance. A vacant property is loosely defined as a property that the owner is no longer residing in nor has any personal belongings left in or on the property. Vacant properties are typically those up for sale or could be residences which were abandoned by the owner for some reason. On the other hand, an unoccupied dwelling is one where the property owner is no longer residing on the premises for a long period of time, however their furniture, belongings and other property remain on the premises. This is commonly the case with secondary residences, vacation properties and rental properties. Because vacant and unoccupied homes pose a higher risk for losses and damages than occupied homes, coverage for these properties can often be harder to come by.

Orlando vacant property insurance is structured similarly to a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, which can be customized to meet your property’s specific needs. This coverage can help protect property owners from bearing the financial burden of many common perils and hazards such as fire, explosion, wind, hail, theft, vandalism and others. These policies help provide financial support to the owners should their property or it’s contents suffer physical damage or expenses incurred should an accident occur on the premises.

At Newman Crane we strive to protect our clients’ personal properties with insurance that’s tailored specifically to their needs. Our qualified risk analyst will work meticulously with you, offering advice on the best type of coverage for all of your Orlando vacant property and unoccupied dwellings. For more information about or Orlando personal insurance products, call our office today at 877.874.4673.

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5 Facts About Orlando Commercial Umbrella Insurance

5 Facts About Orlando Commercial Umbrella InsuranceMany Orlando business owners have misconceptions about commercial umbrella insurance policies ad the role they play in risk management. When properly secured through Orlando insurance agencies, umbrella policies provide necessary additional coverage extension to an operation’s primarily insurance policies. This coverage is structured such that it is an addition to an already existing policy, as such your operation should have already purchased primary insurance coverage before seeking out an umbrella policy. These policies kick in whenever the a business’s primary insurance is exhausted by a loss or when the primary policy contains an exclusion that is not also excluded under the terms of the umbrella policy.

Umbrella policies can be tricky to understand, but here are a few pros and cons of this additional coverage:

  • Highly Flexible: Many of Orlando commercial umbrella insurance provisions are negotiable with most underwriters, which means that your insurance agent will have a large amount of flexibility when negotiating the terms of the policy for your business. This ensures that you as the policy holder are able to secure the exact coverage your operation needs without paying for extra coverage you don’t.
  • May Require Minimum Underlying Coverage Limits: Because these policies are supplemental, insurers will often specify set limits of underlying coverage that a policyholder must secure. It is not uncommon for insurers to require that business owners seeking umbrella coverage attain limits as high as $1 million, however such stipulations will depend on the insurer and how the umbrella policy is written.
  • Claim Defense: According to experts, many umbrella liability contracts have provisions that protect the right of the insurer to take over or participate in the defense of a claim that may involve the umbrella policy. According to the Commercial General Liability Coverage Guide, these policies often include defense coverage for uninsured exposures and even when the loss doesn’t appear likely to involve the umbrella contract.
  • Extends Coverage for Additional Insureds: One great benefit of orlando commercial umbrella coverage is that any additional insured named in the underlying policy is automatically included in the umbrella coverage. While the coverage is not any broader than the coverage provided by the underlying insurance policy, the limits should increase. However, when working with any policy that involves multiple named insured parties, its best to work closely with your insurance agent to make sure all parties have the coverage needed.
  • There are limitations: Commercial Liability Umbrella policies often exclude or are not available for certain exposures and risks. Common exclusions include: liquor liability, workers compensation, employers liability, and employment-related practices, pollution, aircraft or watercraft, and racing activities, recall of products, work or impaired property, and cyber liability.

At Newman Crane, we understand the common and nuanced risks that Orlando business owners face. That’s why we proudly offer a complete suite of Orlando business insurance solutions to help business owners navigate the hazards of operation. We can help ensure that your operation is protected from many common and specialty claims and liability exposures, including Commercial Umbrella Insurance. Give our Orlando business insurance specialists a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about all our offerings and the specialty industries we serve.

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Does Employee Class Affect Orlando Business Insurance?

Does Employee Class Affect Orlando Business Insurance?  Does Employee Class Affect Orlando Business Insurance

Employee misclassification is a growing problem among American businesses, and many employers don’t understand the affects misclassification can have on their business operations and business insurance OrlandoLawmakers and regulators are responding with increased scrutiny and regulations impacting the employment process. This issue has become increasingly apparent through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as some employers attempt to evade providing their employees with healthcare coverage by wrongfully classifying workers as independent contractors, temp workers and other exempt employees. Others are simply unaware of how to properly classify their employees and that not all temp or contracted workers do not fall under the common law employee standards.

In reality both independent contractors and temporary workers can be considered common law employees depending on the circumstances, which means that businesses that work with such individuals must include these workers in their total employee count and factor them into their ACA calculation. Not doing so could expose Orlando employers to hefty fines, audits and lengthy investigations.

According to the IRS, American employers incorrectly classify millions of workers as independent contractors. The IRS considers worker misclassification one of the major causes of the tax gap, evasion and in some cases fraud. Recently the agency has been cracking down on employee misclassification in in an attempt to closely monitor companies to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The U.S. Department of Labor recently pledged to increase its collaboration with the IRS to regulate and penalize employers for errors in their worker classification practices.

Why is employee misclassification such a problem?

According to experts, misclassification results in billions of dollars in taxes lost each year. It also creates complications with enforcing ACA compliance, protecting workers rights and other legal challenges. Employee misclassification can also cause problems for Orlando businesses as well. A mid-sized company with 250 full-time employees would have to pay an annual penalty of $340,000 in 2015 if they are found to have wrongfully classified their employees. These penalties increase with multiple years of non-compliance, which would mean the same firm would face a penalty of $440,000 the following year. Furthermore, misclassification can impact your worker’s compensation and liability needs while leaving employers under covered or lacking in specific areas. It can also leave Orlando employers exposed to employment practices liability lawsuits and losses. 

As regulatory agencies at all levels increase their scrutiny of business and employment practices it is crucial to make sure that your operation is in full ACA and employment policy compliance by properly classifying workers and complying with all regulations to avoid legal and regulatory complications.

At Newman Crane, we understand the common and nuanced risks that Orlando business owners face. That’s why we proudly offer a complete suite of Orlando business insurance solutions to help business owners navigate the hazards of operation. We can help ensure that your operation is protected from many common and specialty claims and liability exposures, from Workers Comp and Errors/ Omissions to Employment Practices Liability exposures. Give our Orlando business insurance specialists a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about all our offerings and the specialty industries we serve.

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How Do Orlando Premises Liability Claims Work?

How Do Orlando Premises Liability Claims Work?  How Do Orlando Premises Liability Claims Work?

Every day customers, clients and many others interact with Orlando businesses on their property and sometimes accidents happen. Any business with a brick and mortar premises has some exposure to liability claims should a customer, client, or other third party become injured on the premises. Luckily business premises liability insurance Orlando offers the coverage most operations need to protect their assets in the event of an accident. This coverage is part of your basic Central Florida commercial insurance package.

How do these claims work?

Simply because an injury or accident occurred on your property does not automatically make your operations liable, or at least fully liable. In fact, in most cases absolute liability will not apply, which means that your operation will likely only be held accountable for some or part of the losses suffered by the injured party. Absolute liability generally occurs only when an operation has been engaged in extremely hazardous activities.

Any Orlando business open to the public is basically expected or required by law to use reasonable care to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition and state. This is not typically a burdensome obligation for most businesses, it simply means that they must make a reasonable effort to caution visitors to the premises of any unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions. Most liability issues revolve around the debate as to whether or not the business took the necessary steps to create a safe atmosphere for for patrons, guests, clients and other third parties.

When you are facing a liability claims against your operation, the claimant must be able to prove negligence, neglect or other willful misconduct on the part of you, your workers or your operation. Many Orlando premises liability claims hinge on the idea of negligence on the part of the business owner, such as not having proper wet floor signage, lack of safety precautions and other such errors. According to experts, claimants must show that you as the business owners owed a duty of care towards the injured party and that you breached that duty by failing to act in the best interest of that party. They must also prove that this failure to act directly resulted to the injury or loss suffered by the claimant.

These claims can happen to any Orlando business, because accidents happen anytime anywhere. If your operation faces allegations of negligence or other misconduct, it is important that you have strong liability insurance to cover the costs of legal fees, settlements, fines and more. At Newman Crane, we specialize in offering comprehensive Orlando business liability insurance solutions at affordable rates. Our Orlando Premises Liability experts can help assess your operation’s risk exposures and secure the right coverage to meet your operation’s needs. To learn more about our Orlando insurance agency and all our offerings, contact us today at (407) 859-3691.

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Orlando Employment Discrimination Claims Rising

Orlando Employment Discrimination Claims Rising  Orlando Employment Discrimination Claims Rising

Employment discrimination is a major threat to American businesses and workers. Thousands of claims are filed each year across the country disputing the employment practices of American businesses, some of the most common of which are discrimination related.  What’s worse is that many operations fail to attain the proper liability insurance from their Orlando insurance agency and thus are unprepared when such allegations arise.

According to recent data released by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Florida workers filed the second highest number of discrimination charges against their employers in the nation last year. Last year, Florida officials received some 7,528 complaints primarily reporting instances of retaliation or discrimination based on race or disability.  Texas saw 8,035 complaints last year regarding employment and workplace discrimination, the highest of any state, and California saw 6,363 accusations placing third. These three states represent some of the largest and most populous states in the nation which many officials say contributes to a highly competitive job market and employee tensions. While racial discrimination was the subject of the most frequent claims, Florida also received numerous allegations of age, disability, equal pay, sex and other discriminatory practices against protected classes.

Whether the accusations are founded of found false, discontented workers increasingly pursue claims against their employers for everything from compensation discrepancies to discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Today it is increasingly likely that Orlando businesses will face some sort of legal complications surrounding their employment practices over the course of their operation. When these allegations arise they can put financial and resource strain on Florida businesses large and small. While some small employers may think they are less likely to face such claims, the truth is that employment lawsuits can arise at any time from any number of situations and leave an unprepared operation crippled financially.

As such, it is vital that Florida businesses take the proper precautions to protect their assets. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (ELPI) is type of liability coverage designed to protect businesses from claims of such wrongful acts as discrimination, failure to hire or promote, harassment and a myriad of other employment disputes. At Newman Crane, we offer Orlando EPLI as part of our complete Central Florida business instance portfolio. To learn more about this essential liability coverage and all our business solutions, contact us today at (407) 859-3691.

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