Orlando Workers Comp Coverage: Safety Training Tips

Orlando Workers Comp Coverage: Safety Training Tips Orlando Workers Comp Coverage Safety Training Tips

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration, training is essential to any employee’s success, from company orientation to ongoing safety training and updates. Well executed training can be enjoyable and rewarding but is rare to come by. To many Orlando laborers workplace education is often tedious and dull. Lack-luster efforts to engage workers in the material can ultimately result in poor information comprehension and retention. This can lead to an under-skilled, under-preforming workforce resulting in subpar productivity levels or worse, major safety concerns. While good Orlando workers comp coverage can protect your business in the event of a workplace accident, a strong safety training program can be instrumental to accident prevention and an important investment in the success of your workforce.

There are many ways to make the learning experience more enjoyable for your employees. Research shows that if laborers enjoy the learning material and process, they are more likely to remember procedures and enforce important protocol. We have compiled some quick tips to ease the dreariness of safety training, so your workforce can stay healthy, secure and productive.

  • Small Groups. Training in small numbers dramatically increase participation and engagement. Workers are less likely to speak-up, ask questions or volunteer in large groups, however individual consultations can come across as punishing or singling-out specific workers. Small groups of 5 to 20 can create the perfect balance of education and camaraderie among employees.
  • Simplicity and Brevity. Keeping training material comprehensive and practical is essential to holding your employee’s attention. While it is important to have a broad understanding of all workplace hazards, targeting duty specific safety concerns and policies keeps the information relevant to your workers and they are more apt to retain the information. Training information should be short, direct and simple for best workforce education.
  • Comfortable and fun. Yes training can be entertaining. By accounting for various learning styles and implementing a dynamic combination of training tactics your safety education programs can be enjoyable. It is also important to keep your workers physically and mentally comfortable while training, so experimenting with training environments and providing refreshments can optimize the training program potential.

Every employer understands the importance of workplace safety, and it is essential for business success that your employees understand as well. While having a great safety training program can minimize the number of occurrences, all businesses remain at risk for potential workplace accidents. Accidents will happen, that’s why having the right Orlando workers comp coverage is crucial to your company’s success.

At Newman Crane, helping you protect your business from the financial consequences of workplace injuries with Workers Compensation Insurance while promoting workplace safety is one of our specialties. We also offer an array of specialized Business Liability coverage tailored to your industry needs. Call one of our business insurance specialists today at (407) 859-3691, to see how we can help set up a Business insurance policy designed for your needs.

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Winter Park Boat Insurance: How to Stay Safe While Boating

Winter Park Boat Insurance How to Stay Safe While BoatingWinter Park Boat Insurance: How to Stay Safe While Boating

As a resident of Florida, you may have already heard of the recent boating accident in December 2013 that claimed the lives of a former high school basketball coach and two young women in Northern Florida. While the cause of the boating accident was ruled accidental, reports indicate that all three victims were intoxicated when the crash occurred. This incident is one example of an accident that might have been prevented.

While purchasing a Winter Park Boat Insurance policy will protect you financially should you incur any damage while boating, or have a passenger who is injured on your boat, it’s important to follow basic safety procedures to try to avoid injuries in the first place. Alcohol use is just one example of what should be avoided to make your boating trip safer. Alcohol’s effects are greatly exaggerated by exposure to sun, glare, wind, noise, and vibration.

Listed below are some more safety tips to follow when boating.

Use and Maintain the Right Safety Equipment.

  • Have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person onboard and one approved throwable device for any boat 16 feet and longer.
  • Have an easily accessible fire extinguisher on board.
  • Have operable boat lights, and always test them before the boat leaves the dock. Be sure to carry extra batteries as well.
  • Know what specific safety equipment you need for your vessel. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission lists the minimum required safety equipment for all recreational vessels here.

Be Weather Wise.

  • It doesn’t matter what season it is; keep a close eye on the weather and bring a radio. Sudden wind shift, lightning flashes, and choppy water call can mean a storm is brewing. If bad weather is approaching, get off the water early to avoid a long waiting line at the dock in inclement weather.

Always Be Prepared.

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
  • Open all hatches and run the blower after you refuel and before getting underway. Sniff for fumes before starting the engine. If you do smell fumes, don’t start the engine.
  • Check the boat landing for any local regulations that apply, as well as any federal regulations that may be in place.

These are just a few ways to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your passengers while boating. It’s also vital that you follow whatever navigation rules there are in your area while on the water, and know the proper weight limits on your vessel as to not overload the boat.

A Winter Park Boat Insurance Policy is just one of the many Winter Park Personal Insurance products we carry at Newman Crane. We understand that an adverse event out on the water can result in enormous medical costs, expensive boat repairs, and even possible litigation. Newman Crane has you covered! Please contact us today at (407) 859-3691 for more information.

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Orlando Shipping Insurance: Freight Floaters

Orlando Shipping Insurance Freight Floaters

Aeroscraft pulled from the official Aeros webpage.

Orlando Shipping Insurance: Freight Floaters

Long past are the days of zeppelins and blimps, yet airships may be making a comeback in a gigantic way. While airplanes have overshadowed airships over the last century, aircraft manufacturing company Aeros has been diligently working over the last decade to reassert airships as a viable option for shipping and transportation. According to Igor Pasternak, Aeros CEO, their Aeroscraft “is truly the beginning of a vertical global transportation solution for perhaps the next 100 years.”

A fully functional, half-scale prototype of the Aeroscraft launched successfully last year out of a small hanger in Southern California. The success of the Aeroscraft comes after millions in research and development financial assistance from across the board, including NASA. The rigid craft is rendered to be light, sturdy, atmospherically buoyant and highly maneuverable. Unlike hybrid airships there is no need for lift generation as the craft is non-flammable helium powered. The primary mechanical principle of the aircraft is a series of helium tanks linked by pipes to what they call helium pressure envelopes, which increase or decreases the amount of lift generated as the pilot requires. This allows the Aeroscraft to take off and land from virtually anywhere, decreasing the need for costly infrastructure. If completed, the Aeroscraft will measure out to be over 400 feet long and capable of lifting 66 tons or more.

Pasternak hopes that his Aeroscraft will be the future of shipping as well as recreational travel. The ability to transport large amount of cargo through the air with minimal infrastructure can come in handy when working in volatile climates or conditions. He envisions the ships being used in everything from military operations to resource management and distribution thanks to the runway-less touch-down capabilities. Industries will benefit from more access to remote locations. The technology could also allow travelers vacation opportunities reminiscent of an oceanic cruise yet with more potential given its ability to hover over land.  The icing on the cake will be the Aeroscraft’s green footprint and environmentally friendly operation, decreasing the use of fossil fuels and conserving natural resources traditionally consumed by the aforementioned industries.

Floating freight may still be a few years away, however there is much to look forward to out of the aircraft industry. For now, it is increasingly important to protect your property and goods while traveling from shore-to-shore by land or sea. Having the right Orlando shipping insurance can help make sure your business investments remain secure in transit.

At Newman Crane we offer Inland Marine insurance tailored to your business needs. We also offer Warehouse insurance plans you can customize to best fit your specifications. Call our office today at (407) 850-3691 for more information about how we can help your company succeed.

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Orlando Employee Benefits Holistically Improve Business

Orlando Employee Benefits Holistically Improve Business

Orlando Employee Benefits Holistically Improve BusinessNot everyone can work for Google and most companies cannot afford to offer those types of luxurious perks and benefits. However workplace trends show that traditional Orlando employee benefits packages are no longer drawing workers. Companies are investing in and exploring new ways to entice employees with benefits that extend far beyond standard worker’s compensation, retirement plans and healthcare offerings. Workers are increasingly looking to businesses with better perks. Employees are enthusiastically seeking employers which offer other types of advantages, such as flexible work schedule options and employee advancement programs. Even hourly workers are seeking these types of programs in a workplace, especially entry-level employees hoping to grow within an organization.

Offering progressive employee benefits and perks can make your company more attractive to prospective workers and yield higher retention rates. When employees are happy they tend to stick around, and spread the word.

Here are a few prevalent practices that can help lure in good workers and help you keep them.

  • Benefits beyond basic healthcare. Offering vision and dental coverage, life insurance policies, retirement funding options and more has been proven to entice workers. Partner and family benefit extensions help protect the important people in your workers lives which can go a long way in bolstering loyalty and dedication.
  • Flexible work schedules help not only the employees navigate their busy lives, but can increase company productivity. Work-from-home options greatly decrease the need for employees to use sick days and take other unscheduled time off. Schedule flexibility also entices workers to remain with an organization, especially when unforeseen situations or family needs arise.
  • Getting involved in their health and well-being. Companies who offer gym memberships, nutrition education and other wellness activities generally have healthier workforces. Devoting resources to the wellbeing of your workers shows them that you care. As a result employees will more likely perform better and display more dedication.
  • Invest in their future. Promoting skill development and educational training can be monumentally lucrative for your business. Skilled workers are invaluable to an organization. Employee enrichment generates more dynamic workers with versatile skillsets. Reimbursing students for tuition is a tax deductible investment in the future of an employee as well as that of your company.

At Newman Crane we can help you design an Orlando Employee Benefits plan that will help your company acquire and retain the most talented and dedicated employees. Your Benefits plan will be as comprehensive as you wish, custom designed for your organization’s needs and budget. Call one of our business coverage specialists at (407) 859-3691.

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Orlando Property Insurance Choices for Landlords

Orlando Property Insurance Choices for Landlords

Orlando Property Insurance Choices for Landlords

As most homeowner and renters are aware, it is vital to ensure your home is properly covered in the event of severe weather, robbery, vandalism and structural damage. Having the right insurance coverage can make all the difference should your home be invaded or damaged. But the limits of homeowner’s and renter insurance only extend so far. In most cases standard homeowner’s insurance policies will not encompass rental or vacant properties that you may own.

There are many solutions. Depending on the length of time you are looking to rent out your property, as well as the frequency, you many need one of several specialty property insurance plans.

Short term rental arrangements where you remain an occupant of the residence may require an addendum to your current homeowner policy. If you are letting out a room in your house for the summer your tenant may also need to take out renter’s insurance, as any property damage that may occur would not be covered under your standard homeowner’s policy.

However, if you are a property owner not residing in one or more of your holdings, a homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover those properties. Most homeowner’s policies are designed to insure occupied residences while Orlando rental property insurance coverage and vacant property insurance can secure any dwellings uninhabited by their owner.

Rental Property or Landlord policies cover physical damage to the structure of the home caused by weather or external factors. These policies also offer coverage over any personal property left on-site for maintenance or tenant use such as furniture, appliances and maintenance tools. Basic liability coverage is often included in the event an injury or accident occurs on the property to help cover legal and medical fees.

Vacant Property coverage is critical for any inhabitance that remains unoccupied for a consecutive 30 days, as standard homeowner’s policies do not cover vacancies and could drop your coverage. Whether you are trying to sell your home, doing extensive renovations or seeking a renter vacant property coverage can protect your real-estate investments.

At Newman Crane we strive to protect your investment with insurance that’s tailored specifically to your Orlando property insurance needs. Our qualified risk analyst will work meticulously with you, offering advice on the best type of policy for all of your Orlando real-estate holdings. For more information about or Orlando property insurance coverages, call our office today at 877.874.4673 to get started.

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Proposed Bills Increase Orlando Small Business Liability: Part II

Proposed Bills Increase Orlando Small Business Liability: Part IIProposed Bills Increase Orlando Small Business Liability Part II

As discussed in Proposed Bills Increase Orlando Small Business Liability: Part I, Florida’s National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) representatives spoke against proposed legislation last week that would increase small business exposure to liability in various situations. In defense of Florida’s independent and small businesses, the NIFB outwardly opposed several bills that would increase government regulations in the private sector.

Florida’s representation sought to curb additional regulations that would impose government regulations on small business practices and policies.

  • A bill concerning the Fair Pay regulations would allow state agencies, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO) and the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR), to directly prosecute employers accused or found guilty of equal pay violations. Opposition to the bill indicates that this could generate conflict by allowing the FCHR to both interpret and enforce these provisions.
  • The Social Media in the Workplace proposition would restrict a company’s ability to access their employee’s social media accounts, effetely disallowing employers to obtain access to any non-work related social media accounts held by an employee. The bill would make it illegal to penalize an employee or otherwise impair employment on the basis of noncompliance with any company requests for such access to personal social media accounts.
  • New Workplace Bullying statutes seek to make workplace bullying and cyber-bullying a 1st degree Misdemeanor, thus implementing a criminal penalty system in the workplace.
  • Finally, adjusting the Florida State Minimum Wage, in accordance with the Federal Minimum Wage proposals, is predicted to slow hiring and halt job growth in an already struggling economy. According to the CFO Federally raising minimum wage to $10.10 would cost approximately 500,000 jobs, however it would raise the annual income of 16.5 million people. It could also create great strain for small businesses by increasing costs of operation.

Attaining the best business coverage is essential to the success of any small business. At Newman Crane we understand the challenges faced by growing businesses and want to help protect your operation. Our Orlando Small Business Liability specialists are willing to create the right affordable, full-coverage strategy to protect you and your company. For more information or to start a new plan call our Orlando Florida Commercial Insurance office at (407) 859-3691.

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