Orlando Janitorial Insurance: Cleaning Service Industry Remains Strong

Orlando Janitorial Insurance: Cleaning Service Industry Remains Strong Orlando Janitorial Insurance Cleaning Service Industry Remains Strong

If you have ever thought of starting a small business in Orlando, the cleaning and janitorial industry might be worth a look. There are roughly 3,500 thriving janitorial operations in the state of Florida alone, and nearly 2.5 million cleaning and building maintenance workers throughout the US. Research indicates that the janitorial and cleaning services industry has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry which offers stabile work opportunities for millions of Americans.  

There are two primary markets for cleaning and janitorial service providers, commercial and residential.  While the residential market was hit the hardest during the recession, operations which specialized in providing cleaning services to businesses, institutions, hospitals and other establishments often saw increased demand and profits. However, both sectors are reportedly recovering well according to the most recent BLS data. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the industry is expected to grow 12% by 2020 especially as Americans businesses continue to outsource such services. Some experts believes that as the healthcare industry expands, numbers of facilities, services and service providers are projected to rapidly increase over the next few years, the cleaning and janitorial service industry will follow based on increased need and demand.

There are however, a few drawbacks. Due to the nature of the work, there are countless risk exposures that cleaning professionals face. Orlando commercial janitors and building maintenance professionals have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations, according to the BLS. Workers commonly suffer cuts, bruises, and burns from machines, tools, and exposure to toxic and hazardous chemicals. Janitorial professionals are often also exposed to biological materials, bloodborne pathogens, and ergonomic conditions which often develop due to repetitive movements and a host of other potential threats to their health and safety. Slips, trips and chemical exposure are a few other major concerns for employees and employers in the janitorial industry.  Industry members also face liability concerns regarding their performance and fulfillment of contractual obligations.

If you have, or are thinking about starting a cleaning or janitorial service operation, you should always identify and evaluate your risk exposure and loss potential. At Newman Crane we specialize in helping Orlando businesses understand and mitigate the risks and hazards they face through operation. From Workers compensation losses to liability exposures, our team can help find complete janitorial insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your operation.  We are proud to offer the best coverage at the best prices on the insurance Olando FL businesses need. Give our Orlando Janitorial Insurance specialists a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about all our offerings.

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Orlando Worker’s Comp: Contractors Face Lasting Health Risks

Orlando Worker’s Comp: Contractors Face Lasting Health Risks Orlando Worker’s Comp Contractors Face Lasting Health Risks

Contractors are exposed to countless hazards throughout the course of their work. Taking even a few steps though a working Orlando construction site exposes an individual to numerous dangers. Ladders, scaffolds, heavy building materials and commercial machinery are just a few of the many exposures contractors face to work related injuries. If that wasn’t enough, Orlando contractors face risk of exposure to a number of dangerous substances which can be stirred up during a building renovation, remodel or demolition from toxic chemicals to mold, spores and particulates.

In fact, many Orlando construction workers are frequently exposed to substances which can have long term effects on their health. One of the most common serious health concerns for the construction industry is Mesothelioma and other respiratory complications resulting from asbestos exposure. Just as coal workers can be entitled to workers compensation coverage for “Black Lung” and other health complications, Orlando contractors and construction personnel may be entitled to compensation through a workers comp claim should they suffer from an illness or disease.

Not all illnesses and diseases are compensable however.  There are two primary factors which go into determining whether or not a disease or illness is covered under a worker’s compensation claim. The first, involves determining whether an illness or disease can be considered “occupational”. Qualifying a health condition as “occupational” is means that it must be proven that the employee was at work when they contracted the illness or disease. This is relatively simple in many cases. The second test is much harder to evaluate. Representatives for an employee must prove that the illness or disease is “peculiar” to the work they preform or their work environment. This is where interpretation and evaluation really come into play. Each case is judged on its own merits and circumstances.

With all the hazards workers face on a daily basis, it is no wonder that the construction industry has one of the highest frequencies of workers compensation claims in the nation. Contractors need strong Orlando Worker’s Comp coverage to protect themselves and their employees in the event of an accident, injury, illness or fatality.

Newman Crane is an Orlando insurance agency that specializes in providing complete commercial insurance coverage. Our Orlando construction industry  specialists can help contractor find complete Workers Compensation, liability and property insurance coverage your operation needs while promoting workplace safety. We work with the best carriers around to find you the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rates. For a rate quote request, call our Orlando Worker’s Comp specialists today at 877.874-4673

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Does Your Orlando Contractors Insurance Cover Construction Defects?

Does Your Orlando Contractors Insurance Cover Construction Defects? Does Your Orlando Contractors Insurance Cover Construction Defects

All man-made structures have a life span. While some are made to last through the ages, like the Great Pyramids in Egypt, most have significantly smaller life expectancies than thousands of years. However, even those great architectural feats are subject to deterioration over time, and will inevitably someday fade away. In fact, many structures fail far before the end of their useful life.

Buildings can fail for a number of reasons, many of which are not the result of faulty construction or poor planning; however there are incidents where the craftsmanship of a structure’s assembly will be called to question should a building fall before it’s time. Should a building suffer damage of collapse prematurely to its expected lifespan contractors are often challenged to prove that the resulting structural damage was not the result of shoddy workmanship, design or construction, and was merely an unforeseen disaster. If a building component was not installed correctly, was not suitable for the structure, or was defectively constructed, the manufacturer, seller, or contractor who installed the component may all be held responsible for any resulting damages or losses.

These construction defect debates have become increasingly common in courtrooms across the country as commercial and personal property owners and associations are more inclined than ever to seek compensation for losses and damages from those responsible for building their properties. Should a contractor or construction company be found negligent or liable for some professional error which resulted in the structural instability of a building, the financial and status ramifications can be devastating. Luckily, there is a way for contractors to protect themselves from these allegations and potential repercussions of a professional mistake or accident. BY securing the right Orlando contractors insurance coverage, you can mitigate your risk exposures as a contractor or construction entity and protect your assets in the face of construction defect claims.

At Newman Crane, we have built a strong partnership with the Orlando construction industry and continually address and meet their growing needs. Our Orlando contractors insurance specialists have the extensive experience needed to help you determine what insurance Orlando contractors need, and craft the best policies to completely protect your operation. To learn more about our offerings, give our Orlando contractors insurance specialists a call today at (407) 859-3691.

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Unexpected Factors Impacting Your Orlando Home Insurance Rates

Unexpected Factors Impacting Your Orlando Home Insurance Rates Unexpected Factors Impacting Your Orlando Home Insurance Rates

Most Orlando homeowners are looking for the best insurance coverage available at the lowest possible rates to get the biggest bang for their buck. However, most don’t realize that Orlando home insurance premiums are determined by a wide variety of factors, not just the type of policy, coverage limits and deductibles a policy holder may choose. The rates you pay as a home owner vary based on location, size of the property and other factors as well. Here are a few factors that many homeowners do not realize can impact their ability to secure inexpensive homeowners insurance.

  • Pets- Having pets can be a rewarding experience for many Orlando residents, but from an insurance standpoint your furry friends can also increase your injury and liability risk exposures. As such insurers often factor a policy holder’s pets into their rate.  If you have a dog, there is a strong change that your pet’s breed might increase your Orlando home insurance premiums, especially for large breeds and breeds frequently deemed “aggressive” such as pit bulls, boxers, rottweilers, Dobermans and others breeds. Furthermore, owning an exotic animal or breed might make finding home insurance nearly impossible, as some insurers might consider your pet too risky.
  • Your Credit- Insurers often check a policy holder’s credit report to see if the individual regularly pays their bills on time. The credit score numbers are also a frequent factor in determining premium rates. A lower credit score could result in higher premiums depending on your insurance provider.
  • Owning a Trampoline- While it might sound silly, owning a trampoline can be a huge risk exposure. Experts indicate that trampoline related activities result in approximately 92,000 hospital visits each year. Users are often unaware that one wrong fall or slight misstep off the elastic surface can cause spinal, head, neck and other severe injuries such as fractures and bone breaks.
  • Property Upkeep- Some homeowners may be surprised to learn that regular home maintenance and upkeep can help keep home insurance rates from drastically rising. Owners who don’t keep up with their home maintenance may see their rates raised or their homeowners insurance cancelled altogether. Leaky roofs, old hot water heaters, dripping pipes and poor water seals are just some of the items to watch out for.

Working closely with local insurance providers l throughout Central Florida can help homeowners secure the perfect coverage to fit their needs and risk exposures. Newman Crane provides the complete home insurance Orlando residents need at affordable rates.  Our personal insurance specialists can help craft the right policies for all your assets. To learn more about our Orlando home insurance or any of our policies, give us a call today (407) 859-3691.

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Orange County FL Car Insurance: Hands-free Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

Orange County FL Car Insurance: Hands-free Doesn’t Guarantee Safety
Orange County FL Car Insurance Hands-free Doesn't Mean Safety

According to experts, three out of four drivers believing that hands-free technology is safe to use while driving and improves a motorist’s ability to focus on the road. As such many Americans may be surprised to learn about the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s (AAA) latest study and findings. As part of the Measuring Cognitive Distractions, AAA tested a variety of stimuli that drivers often encounter to measure the level of distraction and subsequent cognitive impairment. The research team developed a five-category rating system, similar to that used for hurricanes, to determine the “severity” of impairment for each distraction.

The recently released report compiled data collected in 2013, and found that many of the popular new vehicle features may actually increase mental distraction. Last year AAA revealed that talking on a hand-held and a hands-free cell phone resulted in the same level (category 2) of cognitive distraction. This year’s findings revealed that device accuracy of voice recognition significantly influences the rate of distraction, and that composing text messages and emails using in-vehicle technologies (category 3) was more distracting than using these systems for simply making calls or listening to voice mail (category 2). The research also investigated the use of Apple’s Siri iOS7 version for hands free communication while driving.  The report indicates that hands- and eyes-free use of Apple’s Siri generated a category 4 level of mental distraction, which is higher than communications technology which was integrated into the vehicle.

AAA hopes that the new research will help guide manufacturers to revise marketing campaigns that suggest these features are safer, and to design better hands-free technology that will reduce the amount of distraction for motorists.

At Newman Crane, we believe that one of the best crash avoidance tactics will always be safe driving, which means limiting the amount of distractions a driver faces on the road. We also understand that there are countless unexpected circumstances that drivers face every time they hit the road. That’s why we proudly offer complete and affordable car insurance in Orlando FL.  Our Orange County, FL car insurance specialists can help secure coverage for all your vehicles, whether they are daily drivers or collectible classics. Give us a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about all our personal insurance offerings.

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Car Insurance Orlando: Top Tips for Tire Care

Car Insurance Orlando: Top Tips for Tire Care Car Insurance Orlando Top Tips for Tire Care

When drivers think of vehicle safety there are a couple things that generally come to mind, but proper tire care might not be one of them. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), only 19 percent of drivers take preventive care when it comes to regularly maintaining their tire pressure. They estimate that one in four vehicles in America have at least one tire that is dangerously under-inflated. While vehicles produced after 2007 have integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) which will alert the driver when a tire is severely under-inflated, below 25 percent of the necessary pressure for safe operation, drivers should make a regular effort to check not only their tire pressure, but also their overall look, feel and condition to avoid flats, blow-outs and other conditions which lead to hundreds of fatalities each year.

Maintaining the correct tire pressure can also help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy saving drivers an average of ten cents on every gallon. Additional routine tire maintenance such as rotation every 5-8 thousand miles and maintaining proper alignment can also help improve the safety and longevity of your tires and overall save drivers money. Rubber and other tire components can deteriorate over time; this process is often accelerated by weather, storage and environmental conditions. Although deterioration is often difficult to detect because it happens on a molecular level, making routing checks on the over-all condition of the tires can help drivers monitor any noticeable cracking, pealing, punctures or other deterioration which may be weakening the tires.

Knowing when to replace your vehicle’s tires is important, as is choosing the best tires to fit your driving habits and typical driving environment. The NHTSA recommends that drivers check their tread monthly to monitor their aging, durability and tread –wear. Professionals recommend an easy do-it-yourself tread test which involves placing a standard American penny in the groove of the tread. Place the penny with President Lincoln’s head down in the tread facing you. If you can see the top of his head then it is time to replace the tire.  When replacing vehicle tires, there are different models often recommended for a vehicle based on the type of performance desired. Choosing the right tires to fit your needs might take a little research, but it essential to the safety and performance of your vehicle.

At Newman Crane, we are devoted to helping you protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets. That’s why we proudly offer a complete portfolio of personal insurance solutions to ensure that our clients find the best solutions to fit their needs and lifestyles. If you are looking for car insurance in Orlando, our Orlando auto insurance specialists can help craft a policy that will protect you on and off the road.  Give us a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about getting the best car insurance Orlando has to offer.

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