Orlando Business Insurance: Tips for Planning Your Holiday Party

Orlando Business Insurance: Tips for Planning Your Holiday Party Orlando Business Insurance Tips for Planning Your Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again, and if you haven’t already begun planning your office holiday parties it’s probably a good time to start.  When it comes to holiday get-togethers there are a number of factors to consider, from location, date and time to liability concerns. This time of year affords Orlando business owners the ideal opportunity to reward employees with a festive break from their daily duties, boost morale and foster community. Everyone loves a good party, so here are a few tips to help your business’s be a hit.

  • Get Staff Members Involved: When it comes to throwing a party there is a lot to do, so having a little extra help is never a bad idea. Involving employee volunteers in the planning process can also ensure that the needs of the many are met and that company holiday plans will be more enjoyable for everyone.  Suggestion boxes, event planning committees and other voluntary employee involvement outreach tactics are a great way to reach out for help and ideas.
  • Get Out: While holding your operation’s holiday party in the office may seem like a money saver and a convenience, there is actually a high risk of loss involved with hosting an event on your premises. Hosting the holiday party in the office also makes it harder for employees to really enjoy themselves as they are surrounded by their work. When employers move the festivities off premises, they not only eliminate property damage risks, they also increase the spirit and levity of the event.
  • Give Back: The holidays are a great time for community building and charitable giving. By incorporating charitable contributions or outreach into your event it makes it easier for your employees to give back to their community this holiday season. Also, be sure to lead by example and make sure that the business makes a contribution as well. Not only will employees be more inclined to follow suit, donations are a great way to build rapport with employees and your community.
  • Be Conscientious: The holidays are often a time for families to bond and do things together so it is important to me mindful of your employee’s familial obligations when planning company events. Will employees be able to bring a guest or their family to the event? If it is important to keep families in mind and plan activities, food and libations accordingly.

When it comes to hosting holiday parties, an important part of planning is insurance that your business has the proper risk management strategies in place should something unexpectedly go awry. It is vital that Orlando businesses make sure that their insurance portfolio is up to par, to avoid any unnecessary losses. At Newman Crane, we specialize in helping Central Florida businesses protect and secure their assets from the countless risk and loss exposures they may encounter. As one of the premiere insurance agencies Orlando has to offer, we are dedicated to working collaboratively with our client to find unique and holistic business solutions. To learn more about our Orlando business insurance products and services, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.

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Orlando Employee Benefit: Understanding Annuities

Orlando Employee Benefit: Understanding Annuities  Orlando Employee Benefit Understanding Annuities

When it comes to employee benefits, Orlando businesses have a overabundance of options. A strong employee benefits plan can help Orlando employers successfully recruit and retain strong candidate and workers but understanding all the different options can be tricky. Annuities for example, are a commonly confounding employee benefits option for both employers and employees. Here is a quick explanation for you and your employees of what annuities are and how they work.

What are annuities?

Essentially, an annuity is an agreement between an individual and an insurance provider that guarantees that insurer will provide a specified return on the insured’s original investment. Annuities are appealing to many employees because there is a guaranteed return on their principal, ensuring that the employees will make money in the long run. This means that annuities can be successfully used as part of a retirement strategy. Annuities are a popular choice for employees who want to receive a steady income stream throughout their retirement because the income received from an annuity can be paid-out monthly, quarterly, annually or even in a lump sum payment.

There are several different types of annuities. For example, fixed annuities offer a guaranteed return that will grow, even as taxes are deferred. On the other hand an indexed annuity does not have a guaranteed interest rate thus there is no guaranteed return rate. This means that if the market in which these funds were invested does well, investors could earn a better return with an indexed annuity than they would with a fixed annuity, however if the market falters the revers applies as well.

At Newman Crane we can help you design an Orlando Employee Benefits plan that will help your company acquire and retain the most talented and dedicated employees. Your Benefits plan will be as comprehensive as you wish, custom designed for your organization’s needs and budget. Call one of our business coverage specialists at (407) 859-3691.

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Orlando Home Insurance: How to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage

Orlando Home Insurance: How to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage Orlando Home Insurance How to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage

A home’s foundation contributes to the stability and safety of the structure. When damage arises within a property’s foundation, the situation can become costly and complicated rather quickly. Foundation failure causes major structural problems within Orlando homes and when left unattended can worsen over time creating unsafe inhabitances and decreasing property values. As such it is important to be able to identify the signs of foundation trouble and resolve the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. The sooner you identify potential problems in your Orlando property, the easier and less expensive it will be to fix them.
While some settling and unevenness are to be expected with any aging home, here are a few common warning signs of foundation complications:

  • Doors and windows: One of the most easily identifiable indications of foundation problems are doors and windows that are ill-fitting, jamming, and improperly latching. Having trouble keeping doors closed, or the inability to open doors and windows can indicated swelling and shifting in the walls and foundation of the property. While these complications can result from a number of things which as not related to the foundation, when coupled with any other signs of foundation deterioration Orlando homeowners should investigate the foundation as a good practice.
  • Walls and ceiling: Cracking walls, ceiling and seams will also reveal foundation complications, including water damage. Cracks begin to surface, between corners, pillars, joints, molding, wall-to-floor joints and other seams of the house is a large indication that foundation has been compromised. These symptoms are often visible through gapping where interior walls are supposed to meet with other walls, flooring and ceilings.
  • Flooring: Cracks, bowing, crumbling and sagging floors also indicate foundational damage and potential instability.  Gaping and bowing in wood floors as well as crumbling and fissured grout lines, tiles bricks are just a few examples of potentially problematic symptoms of foundation failure.
  • Water damage around the interior seams of exterior walls on the ground level is also indicative of foundation problems. Foundation problems in Orlando typically occur when there is too much water present in the soil thus causing the soil to swell. When all of the soil beneath a foundation is not uniformly saturated differential movement can occur between different parts of the soil resulting in foundation cracks and other damage.

When it comes to protecting your property it pays to take the proper precautions, including securing the best home insurance Orlando FL has to offer. At Newman Crane, we help our clients assess and address their risk and loss exposures and offer a complete array of personal insurance solutions to meet their specific needs. Our Orlando Home Insurance specialists will sit down with you to discuss your needs and tailor a plan specifically for you. TO learn more about our Orlando Home Insurance or any of our policies, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691. 

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Do Domestic Workers Affect Orlando Homeowners Insurance?

Do Domestic Workers  Affect Orlando Homeowners Insurance? Do Sitters and Domestic Workers  Affect Orlando Homeowners Insurance

Few Orlando homeowners realize that hiring a landscaper, house keeper, nanny, or other domestic help can often turn into an extremely complicated situation when it comes to legal liability and protection in the case of an accident, injury or other complication on their your property.  These risks don’t just apply to high net-worth homeowners who have dozens of on-site staff members to cook, clean and maintain their homes. Such liability risks really apply to anyone who employs even one domestic service provider, such as a sitter or even a tutor, and the potential for extreme financial losses and complications is large and tangible.

When hiring on a domestic staff member, Orlando homeowners becomes employers who are responsible for the safety and fair treatment of any employees. Some of the most common risks include injuries on the job such as slips, trips and falls along with car accidents, criminal behavior such as theft and lawsuits related to employment practices. Household staff members, like all employees, can bring allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination against Orlando homeowners which can lead to complicated and resource draining legal battles.

It is important to identify your risk exposures based on your lifestyle and household staffing practices as general homeowners insurance policies set specific limits to the amount of liability coverage offered. In some cases, additional Employment Practices Liability Insurance and workers comp coverages might be useful or necessary. When assessing your liability coverage needs, it is important to note that hiring independent domestic contractors can increase your exposures while working through a domestic staffing firm or services may shift some of the liability away from you as the homeowner.

At Newman Crane, we understand that each Central Florida household has their own unique property, and liability coverage needs. That’s why we proudly offer the most comprehensive and flexible homeowners insurance Orlando FL has to offer. We specialize in helping our clients find thorough risk management and personal insurance solutions to meet all their needs and exposures. Our Orlando Homeowners Insurance specialists will help you evaluate your needs and secure the perfect coverage for you, your property and your domestic staff members. To learn more about Orlando Homeowners Insurance and our operation, give us a call today at (407) 859-3691.

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Central Florida Auto Insurance: What are the Safest Cars for Teens?

Central Florida Auto Insurance: What are the Safest Cars for Teens?  Central Florida Auto Insurance What are the Safest Cars for Teens

When it comes to protecting our teen drivers, there is not much many parents won’t do. Whether it’s limiting their exposure to outside distractions or monitoring their driving habits when you’re not around, parents will try just about anything to protect their young drivers, and for good reason. Statistically, younger drivers are more likely to get into an accident than their seasoned counterparts. As such, choosing the right vehicle for your young drivers is an essential part of keeping them safe out on the road.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently compiled a list of the best vehicles for young drivers, and some of the results may surprise parents. The IIHS based their recommendations on a few factors: horsepower, vehicle design, smart-technology and safety ratings. According to the IIHS, young drivers should stay away from high horsepower vehicles which may encourage reckless behavior. While you might be tempted to get hand your teen the keys to a smart car; bigger, heavier vehicles are actually preferable for teen drivers because they offer better protection in the event of an accident. The IIHS also recommends vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and vehicle to vehicle communication capabilities to help young drivers maintain control of the vehicle in unexpected situations. Furthermore, safety and crash test ratings should always be a factor when purchasing any vehicle, but specifically those going to young drivers who are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Topping the list are a number of “larger cars” including the Saab 9-5 sedan, Lincoln MKS, Buick Regal, Ford Taurus, and Volvo S80. All of the IIHS’s recommended models are 2007 or later to account for the inclusion of ESC technology and other safety features.

At Newman Crane, we understand that there are countless unexpected circumstances that motorists often face every time they hit the road. That’s why we proudly offer the complete and affordable auto insurance Orlando FL drivers need.  Our Central Florida Auto Insurance specialists can help secure coverage for all your vehicles, whether they are your daily drivers or collectible classics. Give us a call today at (407) 859-3691 to learn more about our Central Florida Auto Insurance coverage.

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Orlando Retailer Insurance: Preventing Holiday Losses

Orlando Retailer Insurance: Preventing Holiday Losses Orlando Retailer Insurance Preventing Holiday Losses

It’s that time of year, the holiday shopping season is nearly upon us and retailers all over the country are revving up their holiday displays and slashing prices to attract hordes of shoppers over the next few months. It all starts next week. According to the National Retailers Federation’s Thanksgiving Weekend Expectations survey over sixty percent of consumers surveyed said that will definitely be or expect to be shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The equals out to over 140 million shoppers across America, most of whom will be looking for deals and gifts for the holidays.

With hundreds of shoppers crowding Orlando retails stores it’s no wonder that the risk of inventory shrink and losses increases during the holidays. Statistics show that retail crime rates increase by 30 percent over the holidays, including employee and customer theft. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that 95% of stores have been victimized by retail crime over past holiday seasons.

So how can Orlando retailers protect their inventory and operation from losses?

Start by making sure that you have a strong trustworthy staff. Make sure to preform criminal background, work history, reference, and drug screenings on all seasonal hires, this will help ensure that your hiring workers who are less likely to adversely affect the company. It’s also important to pay and treat employees well to instill loyalty and trust, many retailers offer employee discounts to workers including seasonal hires as a further deterrent. Strong staffing is the first step in deterring shoplifting as well.

Discouraging shoplifting and customer theft can be a little trickier, especially when stores are packed and lines are long. In addition to having a door greater that can monitor customer comings and goings, make sure that your operation is well staffed and available to assist customers and monitor the retail floor. Additionally, lock up or secure smaller or more valuable items behind the counter of in locations where employee assistance is necessary. Check security cameras to ensure that displays do not create any blind spots and ensure that all entrances and exits are properly attended. With a little extra planning and staffing, there is a greater likelihood of reducing your shop’s vulnerability to theft, broken items, lost goods, and other inventory shrink.

Inventory shrinkage is not the only increased risk exposure Orlando retailers face. There is also an increased likelihood of workplace injury, patron injury, property damage, and even lawsuits. As such, it is important that Orlando retailers assess their risks and secure the comprehensive business insurance coverage.

At Newman Crane, we offer Orlando Retailer Insurance plans to protect your retail operation from a number of potential losses, including liability and property damage. We offer complete and affordable business insurance in Orlando and throughout Central Florida, so that our clients receive quality coverage they can count on. To learn more about our operation and Orlando Retailer Insurance programs, speak with one of our specialists today at (407) 859-3691. 

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