Holiday Marketing Tips and Trends for 2015

Holiday Marketing Tips and Trends for 2015With the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, it is important for businesses to know which marketing strategies work best for their target consumer. The holidays are a very exciting time but also a time when businesses need to be especially attentive. Double checking standard operations such as Orlando Commercial Insurance and the companies overall marketing campaign are smart moves.

Businesses interested in protecting current customers and gaining new ones would benefit from applying these marketing tips provided by Business News Daily.

A first step businesses can take when preparing for the holiday season is to make sure their website is ready for the onslaught of consumers. Online shopping has become increasingly poplar. This includes mobile shopping as well, so a business should check to make sure its infrastructure is set up to handle more traffic than usual.

Cyber safety is also an increased risk when it comes to online shopping. With more digitally stored information from customers comes an increased change for cybercriminals to hack sensitive customer data. Having a trustworthy IT structure and storage system is an expense that should not be forgone especially around the holiday season.

A business can have the best sales, deals and IT system in the world, but if it doesn’t have an effective marketing strategy, word won’t get out and business can suffer. Businesses should make extra use of social media by connecting with consumers and filling the target market with the business’s message.

Social marketing campaigns can also include email blasts and text. When utilizing social media marketing, be sure to include lots of photos and experiences related to the product rather than just product shots themselves. This will help the customers to feel more connected and drawn to the product.

At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we can help you understand your Orlando Commercial Insurance and other tips for keeping your company safe this holiday season. Give us a call today at 407.859.3691

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Positive Outlook on the 2015 Holiday Season for Small Businesses

Positive Outlook on the 2015 Holiday Season for Small BusinessesThe Holiday shopping season is almost here, and for small businesses, this is good news. The overwhelming opinion of business owners is that sales made during the months of November and  December will boost 2015 sales over 2014  sales. In fact, over 85% believe they can achieve this goal without any additional marketing.  For business owners, the upcoming increase in traffic might mean needing to revisit Orlando Small Business General Liability.

Small business retailers often offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in hopes these will attract shoppers and increase sales. In a study by Dealstruck,  businesses are putting a large deal of confidence into these sales and are not worried about “not having enough sales or customers.”

Whereas sales generally do increase around the holiday season, businesses are wise to not expect to easily make their goals  with  little or no effort. There are multiple opportunities available for businesses to attract  new business. Social media marketing, online sales and television advertising are all ways that businesses can increase visibility.

For example, 31% of all small business retailers studied said they only sell through a physical store with no online engagement. While holiday shopping reaches its peak and while shoppers are actively looking for new products and deals, your business will benefit from exploring new ways of marketing and advertising. In addition,  your small business can be proud of your efforts to increase sales beyond just the natural holiday traffic.

At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we can help you understand your Orlando Small Business General Liability around the  holiday season and all year long. Give us a call today at  407.859.3691

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Benefits Rather Than Better Wages: Employer Trend

Benefits Rather Than Better Wages Employer TrendAs a business owner, you understand that the relationship between wages and benefits is a very important aspect of your business and its pay structure. Over the past few years, the scale has tipped in favor of better benefits as an increasing number of employees are speaking up in favor of benefits above higher wages. This employer trend can affect several areas of your business, including how you handle your Orlando Employment Practices Liability.

An article by the Wall Street Journal points to several reasons for this trend. Today’s workforce puts great value on health insurance, time off and flexibly.

Companies are becoming more creative by offering paid lunches, paid commutes and gym memberships. An increasing lean toward a better quality of life at work by employees has accelerated this trend.

From an employee perspective, it makes great sense for the reason of taxes. Many benefits are not taxed, but wages are. For example, a paid company lunch that is tax free can be the same as double that amount in cash.

A business has several reasons to favor greater benefits as well. It is easier to offer benefits and perks rather than wage increases because they are more flexible and easier to implement. Restructuring salaries can be a very involved and lengthy process.

As a business owner, you understand that there can unforeseen obstacles where you must react quickly. Another perk of benefits over wages is that if you have to cut expenses quickly, it is easier to (hopefully temporarily) decrease benefits than it is to reduce wages.

There are several reasons why this employer trend can be positive for your business. At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we take the time to understand employment trends and how they can affect your business. Call today for information on our employment practices liability. 407.859.3691

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Tips to Keep Your Company’s Workers Comp Costs Down

Tips to Keep Your Company's Workers Comp Costs DownThere are many aspects about your business that can seem out of your control, but workers’ compensation insurance doesn’t have to be one of them. There is no need for  Florida Workers Compensation Insurance to be complicated. Here are some cost-saving tips from Entrepreneur that you can explore with your insurance agent.

1. Check Your Classification 

Make sure that all of your employees are correctly classified. Even one of two miscalculations can lead to big costs. This is one of the most common reasons for overpaying, so check to be sure you haven’t mislabeled some employees making their rate higher.

2. Are You in The Pool? 

Check to see if your company’s workers compensation is provided through your state’s assigned-risk pool. If it is, you might want to talk with your insurance agent about ways to reduce your risks and get out. Ask question like: Why was my company put here in the first place? and How could my company reduce our risks and number of claims?

3. Perform a Payroll Audit 

Workers’ compensation premiums are usually based on payroll figures, excluding overtime. Conducting a payroll audit and figuring the amount of overtime will help you to know how much your employees are working and the better assess the risks involved.

4. Can You Use a Deductible? 

Deductibles can greatly reduce your workers compensation rates. Did you know that thirty-one states permit employers to reduce their workers’ comp premiums by paying a deductible? A typical deductible is between $100 and $5,000.

5. Double Check  Your Experience Rating

This compares your company’s claims history to that of other firms in your industry. Higher premiums occur when you have a higher number of claims than other like industries. Use worksheets available from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to analyze your rating.

At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we know that workers’ compensation insurance can be a complex topic. Call today to discuss the options with our agents. 407.859.3691



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Small Business Owners: Follow These Steps to Retire

Small Business Owners Follow These Steps to RetireAs a small business owner, you already know that effective planning is crucial in running a successful company. In addition to protecting yourself with Orlando Small Business Insurance , you need to consider what will happen to the company when you leave. There are steps you can take right now to prepare yourself for retirement knowing that you’ve left the company in capable hands.

The Orlando Business Journal outlines some effective steps in planning for your retirement. First of all, you need to be realistic and realize that either your company will be handed to someone else, or it will close when if there is no one to lead. In hopes that it’s not the latter, here are some steps you can take to plan for your successor.

  • Pay Attention to the Details. Small details about a person can tell alot. You should make sure your heir apparent has the right personality, temperament, intelligence and personal goals to lead.
  • Set a probation period. This step ensures that you fully get to know your successor. During this time, you can get a feel for how the company would fair under their sole leadership.
  • Offer incentives.  An ambitious successor needs to know that they will continually grow in knowledge and responsibility. One option is to let them acquire partial ownership prior to your retirement.
  • Create a buy-sell agreement. This is crucial. You need to have a strict outline of  who does and gets what with the business.  This formal agreement protects everybody. Get your attorney to help with this step.
  • Build in a funding mechanism. Your business will not stand without money. You should plan now how the funds are to flow upon your retirement. Consider funding vehicles that protect your business and family.
  • Take Time to Make a Plan B. Thing have a funny way of not going according to plan. Take the time to brainstorm and come up with alternative plans should unforeseen events, such as your successor passing away or becoming disabled occur.

At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we understand that planning for your retirement is a priority. Call today for information on our Small Business Insurance. 407.859.3691

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Reducing EPL Claims by Empowering Employees

Reducing EPL Claims by Empowering EmployeesWhen it comes to your business, having employees that will help you achieve your goals is one of the greatest leadership challenges you will face. Along with legally protecting yourself with the best Florida Employment Practices Liability insurance, one of the best ways to keep your employees motivated is to empower them to perform their duties in the most efficient and productive way possible. Here are a few tips provided by to help empower employees to step up and take the initiative to complete tasks without having to micromanage.

Open Communication

Make sure that you remember that just because you may have more experience and power does not mean that input from those on the front line is invalid. Provide ways that employees can give feedback and suggestions and make sure that their input is valued even if you decide not to follow a suggestion.

Reward Improvement

One thing to remember is that not everyone has the resources or the knowledge of how to advance in the workplace. Help set up a plan for growth and reward employees as they conquer each new level. They will be grateful that their advancement is being acknowledged and apply new skills towards their jobs.

Encourage Productive Failure

When people work in an environment where they are being corrected even before they have a chance to make a change, they will end up avoiding any new action. Allow employees to try new things as long as they wont endanger themselves or the company. People can learn just as much from failure as they can from success.

Define Roles

People need to know what they are expected to do. They require boundaries to keep them from creating redundancy. Establish defined roles for employees and management. Make sure that ideas and information is being shared from management to employees so that employees can take appropriate action as needed.


Your employees need to know when they are meeting expectations and when they are not. Support employees being independent within the workplace but make sure they are positively motivated to improve while also being aware that there are consequences for continual failure.

Remember that while your employees do show up to work to get paid, the best workers aren’t just there for the money. As such, they want to feel appreciated and valued. Make sure that you are encouraging and empowering your employees to grow and improve, and celebrate their achievements. After all, satisfied employees are far more likely to approach management to resolve issues rather than pursuing litigation.

At Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, we understand how important it is to have good qualified employees for your business. Call today for information on our Employment Practices Liability Insurance Plans. 407.859.3691

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