Newman Crane & Associates Insurance Employment Practices Liability for Workplace Disputes, Lawsuits

The employment practices environment is complex and ever changing with tighter regulations and a rise in lawsuits involving wage-and-hour disputes, pregnancy and health-related discrimination cases, illegal background checks, and unpaid interns. Add to this issues that have been a part of our employment practices landscape for years, such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment and gender and racial discrimination, and employers find themselves in an increasingly vulnerable position to be sued at one time or another by an employee.

EPLI: Must-Have Insurance

The best way to protect your business is with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) from Newman Crane & Associates. An EPLI policy will provide you with coverage against such claims made by employees. It covers your business in the event of allegations involving wrongful termination, disciplinary issues, discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to promote, and much more. Some policies can be designed to include defense costs for wage-and-hour disputes while others will provide a sub-limit for this exposure. Our staff can review this with you in detail.

An Employment Practices insurance plan offers the protection you need at a cost that’s determined by the size and type of your business and associated risk factors. It will also cover your legal counsel and court costs whether you win or lose.

Florida is among the top four states in which businesses are hit with employment practices litigation. Having this policy is just as important as protecting your business against other liability exposures such as injuries that occur at your premises. Let the experts at Newman Crane help you address this risk.