Newman Crane & Associates Insurance Offering Comprehensive Orlando & Central Florida Workers’ Comp Policies

Florida employers must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to respond in the event of on-the-job employee injuries or illnesses. Workers’ Comp is designed to provide an economic safety net for employees while they are out of work due to an injury that occurred while on the job. Employees are covered for lost wages due to the inability to work, incurred medical expenses, permanent disability, rehabilitation and death benefits. It seems fairly straightforward.

Yet today’s Workers’ Comp landscape is complex as new and challenging issues arise, such as the prolonged use of opioids to treat injuries, medical marijuana use for injuries and illnesses, and an aging workforce, among other factors that can have an impact on safety, the cost of coverage and a firm’s bottom line. This requires specialists that can assist businesses in containing costs while fostering workplace safety to minimize accidents and losses.

Mitigating Risk, Containing Costs

At Newman Crane & Associates, our professional agents are dedicated to not only providing you with the Workers’ Compensation insurance your Orlando business requires but also in assisting you with managing your costs. This involves:

  • Helping your business promote workplace safety
  • Reducing your exposures
  • Remaining in compliance with OSHA and state regulations
  • Working with insurance carriers to help you with an effective Return to Work program
  • Reviewing your policy to ensure your premiums are accurate

Our staff will review your experience modification worksheet, payroll audits and loss-sensitive rating adjustments, to see where we can make improvements and where there may have been problems or miscalculations. We also work with the best carriers around to find you the most comprehensive Workers’ Comp coverage at the most affordable rates.